I’m Lauren – a native Texan transplanted to Southern California for far longer than I’d like to admit. #TexasForever

I can be found with 2 cameras around my neck on the reg.

There is an entire shelf in my fridge dedicated to craft beer. I homebrew too.

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER get tired of re-watching Friends.

I have a pile of clean laundry still folded in the basket…and it will probably be there another few days. Hey, at least I folded it. Sorry not sorry.

I like to think I’m super crafty, but I’m about even on my ratio of Pinterest fails to nails.

If there were a career in daydreaming, I would be CEO of that business.

Welcome to Blonde Menagerie.

This, my friends, is my haven. My home for my true passions. Those things that ignite my creative flame and keep me inspired every day.

Photography, style (can you say retail therapy?!), beauty, travel, decor, music, and food. You name it – pretty much anything that involves even 1-ounce of your right brain (that’s the creative side). I. Love. All. Of. It.

Follow along and I hope I can ignite some inspiration within you. Let us be fabulous.


35mm Selfie by Me

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